Thursday, April 21, 2011

Party Goodies

The contests are now closed. You can still get the goodies!

There are four BIG goodies in your party bag tonight. Be sure to read through this to get them all.

A big thank you to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine for filling our Open House party bag with three of the goodies!

Are you familiar with TOS Magazine? If not, you need to check them out! You have curriculum for your children, so why not a continuing education resource for you? In each issue experts share, but you’ll also meet other homeschooling families like you—they aren’t the perfect homeschooling families, but they are sharing what has worked for them. (By the way, each issue is nearly 200 pages of information!)

Now is a PERFECT time to subscribe. You’ll not only get 2 years (8 issues) but you get 19 FREE gifts. These are all homeschooling related gifts. They had 5000 of these packages, but only about 1800 remain.

Party Goodie #1, #2,  and #3: FREE NOW-  WeE-book™- Creation Bundle of 3 E-books!

Tonight’s free gift—get it NOW—is the following 3 E-books:

1. Lincoln vs. Darwin: What's the Difference? By Deborah Wuehler
2. Creation vs. Evolution: Interpreting the Evidence By Dr. Carl Wieland and Darren Nelson
3. Intelligent Design: Why the Fuss and What's It About? By Dr. Carl Wieland and Darren Nelson

Get your free Open House Party goodie now. Here’s all you have to do:

2. Use coupon code FBAPCREAT

3. Download your 3 FREE WeE-books and enjoy!

Party Goodie #4: Free stuff from Apologia-Includes podcasts, videos, articles, and more!

Simply enter your email on our newsletter sign-up page, and you'll gain access to a host of free resources!

Plus, one new subscriber per month (through July 2011) will win a FREE Apologia Academy class (up to a $475 value).

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